Wheeliezzz Campers

The Project

Wheeliezzz Campers is an exciting new addition to the Essex campervan hire scene. With their stunning converted retro style T6 VW campervan, affectionately named Lagoona, they were eager to establish a comprehensive online presence. The website needed to showcase their unique vehicle and allow users to easily check availability and pricing for specific times of the year. Additionally, they wanted to inspire potential customers with destination ideas for their upcoming holiday.

My Role

As the lead designer on this project, I took on the responsibility of collaborating with the client to design a website that not only showcased the new hire but also reflected the client’s personal story as a camping enthusiast venturing into her first business venture. To achieve this, I designed the website with a personal touch, incorporating elements that highlighted her love for camping.

In addition to managing the website’s design, I custom-built the site on WordPress, utilizing bespoke HTML and CSS to manipulate various elements to match my designs.

 Some of my responsibilities on this project included:

  • Working with the client to establish what they want from the new website to determine functional requirements.

  • Design wireframes and prototypes to present to the client for feedback review.
  • Carrying out research on competitors’ websites to start the design process.

The Process

Early Stages

To start the project I started to look at other websites offering similar services. With the competitors that were nearby, the company websites seemed like a second thought and often didn’t display the features of the campervans or what was included in the price. 

I started to look at similar ‘hire’ websites on ‘Awwwards’ and screenshot ideas that I thought could be useful to use on the ‘Wheeliezzz’ website. These were then used to help me when creating wireframes to show the client. 

Initial Ideas

When assembling the mood board for this project, I focused on the fonts and colours. Since the logo was already provided, I decided to make turquoise the primary colour, which I paired with white to create a clean, bright aesthetic that matches the campervan’s look and feel.

Regarding the font selection, I opted for the complementary pairing of ‘Oswald’ and ‘Montserrat.’ The combination of these two fonts creates a visually appealing contrast that is both striking and easy to read. I chose Oswald as the primary font for headers and titles because of its bold and confident presence, while Montserrat works perfectly as a supporting font for body text.

Wireframes & Design

After drawing inspiration from sites like ‘Awwwards,’ I began crafting wireframes for each page of the website. I then collaborated with the client to further refine my concepts before moving on to creating a high-fidelity prototype of the site, which included all the content that was provided to me.

To enhance the user experience and better highlight Wheeliezzz Campers’ offerings, I incorporated a gallery that was pulled from the company’s Instagram page. Initially, I placed this feature near the footer of the homepage, but after further consultation with the client, we decided to elevate its position to a more prominent location. The gallery is now displayed prominently on the homepage, ensuring that visitors are drawn to the captivating imagery and are more likely to make a booking.



Wheeliezzz Campers website was a responsive built website designed and developed with the end user in mind. Thinking about users’ main need to find out more information about booking and quickly checking availability and price.

Slick, stylish, and minimal, with a touch of bold colour, the website’s look and feel was designed to reflect the campervan style and the user’s adventurous personality.


In conclusion, the Wheeliezz website was really successful. Adding an availability calendar and contact form to the website helped reduced a lot of back and forth with the client and potential customers as they could check availability themselves and then submit a form complete with all the information necessary to create a booking. 

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